About Us

Preemie Pram is bringing together preemie parents, families, and friends with thoughtful content, quality products, and essential resource information, with a caring community who is always there.

A Central Hub for All Things Preemie
We are building towards carrying everything that new parents of preemies could want, including apparel, decor, accessories, and more. A one-stop-shop from the ground up, and for micro preemies to preemies, and then through their first year.

Community Built with Love and Experience
We’re also putting together a solid community of contributors with shared experience and knowledge they want to share. Together, we will raise awareness of the joys and challenges of parenting preemies.

We will work to always seek engaging content and useful information, with new contributors enhancing our understanding, and enriching the community through a variety of opportunities, including:

  • Submitting content ideas, product suggestions, and recommendations
  • Sharing experiences and lessons learned, pics, videos, and blog posts
  • Supporting the growth of the platform via donations and services
  • Engaging with others by joining conversations, answering questions, and offering advice (phase 2)
  • Creating, managing, and participating in local and national networks to organize NICU donations and help for preemie parents in need (phase 2)

Quality Products from Curated Suppliers
We’re currently researching to find just the right partners, both large and small, that reflect the unique needs and wants of our preemie families. From the absolute basics to the absolutely beautiful, you will ultimately find it here.

A Way to Say You Care
Preemie Pram is our bootstrapped labor-of-love and will be the first-of-its-kind all-in-one marketplace, community, and centralized volunteer network that supports preemies and all who love them. Join us in making it the tried-and-true resource that all preemie families can rely upon.